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National Water Week

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Great prizes are up for grabs for students and schools

National Water Week is an annual celebration of water in Australia which occurs in the third week of October each year. It is designed to encourage the community to take action to help protect and conserve our most precious resource – water. This year National Water Week will run from 21 to 27 October.

National Water Week Poster Competition 2018

The National Water Week Poster Competition is on again! Primary school students are invited to create an A3 sized poster reflecting this year’s theme: 'Water for me, Water for all'. This theme encourages you to think about how we use water and how we can protect it so we have it in the future. See below for some inspiration to help get your creative juices flowing.

Our judges will be looking for how well you depict the theme and how it relates to our region in Gippsland.

You may use any material you wish to create your poster including photographs, paint, pencil, crayons and collage. Be creative and good luck!

Entries close on 31 August 2018.

Competition information and entry criteria
Competition entry form

Regional prizes

  • First prize - $100 iTunes voucher + a Gippsland Water prize pack
  • Runner up prizes - $20 iTunes voucher + a Gippsland Water prize pack
  • Runner up prizes will be awarded for each category (Prep/Foundation, Grade 1-2, Grade 3-4, Grade 5-6).

School Prize

  • Every school with a student entering the competition will be placed into the draw to win a $500 cash prize for the school to put towards a sustainability project.

State Prizes

Winners from Gippsland Water’s competition will be submitted for state judging. Prizes include:

  • $500 cash for the first place recipient in each of the four categories.
  • $250 cash for the second place recipient in each of the four categories.
  • $300 cash for the first place school.
  • $150 cash for the second place school.

How you can celebrate National Water Week this year:
  • Book an incursion with Gippsland Water.
  • Clean up the land surrounding a local water way.
  • Tree planting near your local wetland or catchment area.
  • Choose a day to celebrate being healthy and promote the importance of drinking water and making healthy food choices for good health.
  • Join the Schools Water Efficiency Program to help your school identify leaks so you can have them fixed quickly.
  • Download some educational resources for classroom activities (Prep - Year 10) from the Water. Learn it. Live it. program.

Inspiration for this year’s theme
  • A leaking tap can waste as much as 2,000 litres of water per month.
  • A leaking toilet can waste as much as 16,000 litres of water per year.
  • A standard showerhead uses 18 litres of water per minute, whereas a water efficient showerhead only uses 9 litres per minute.
  • Always use a trigger nozzle at the end of your hose.
  • One flush of a western toilet uses as much water as the average person in the developing world uses for a whole day’s drinking, washing, cleaning, cooking and eating.
  • Almost 80 countries of 40% of the world’s population are subject to serious water shortages. Conditions may get worse as populations grow and as global warming disrupts rainfall patterns.
  • It takes 15,400 of water to produce a kilo of beef. Water is consumed during the entire process from growing feed crops for the cattle to consume, water for it to drink, then to process the meat.

National Water Week Poster Competition 2017 - winners

For inspiration, the winners of Gippsland Water's National Water Week poster competition for 2017 were;

  • Levi Henkel (Prep) - St Mary’s Primary School, Maffra,
  • Laura Casella (Grade 2/3) – St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Sale,
  • Emma Best (Grade 3/4) - St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Sale, and
  • Tara Dunsmuir (Grade 5/6) – St Mary’s Primary School, Maffra.

Levi Henkel was the overall winner, winning St Mary's Primary School, Maffra $500 to put towards a sustainability project.


2017 State winners
First and second place state winners for each category can be viewed on the Victorian Water Industry Association website.

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